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Registration No:  U85300DL2020NP368479, NGO DARPAN: DL/2020/0263314, 

                         NGO ID: DL/00006305, UDYAM-DL-08-0003285
Registered  as NGO Section 8 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India

 Income Tax Exemption 12A : AAHCD9300NE20214  &  80G : AAHCD9300NF20214 Certification from Govt of India 

Welcome to Doctors For You Foundation
(DFY Foundation)

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

 We at DOCTORS FOR YOU FOUNDATION, See the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2012, We’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Health Organization upon support, empowerment, & progress.  Doctors For You Foundation is a Pan India Organization registered as NGO Section 8 Company under Ministry of Corporate affairs, Govt of India in 2020, by a group of doctors and like-minded people with a vision of Empowering People to Improve their lives. Initially, all the work was done under Name of IMSA later in the year 2013 IMSA Become the Student Wing of IMA.  Doctors For You Foundation (DFYF India)  is a charitable organization devoted to making the world a better place through various initiatives designed to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the world for generations to come. whether you want to contribute with money or time, We The Doctors at DOCTORS FOR YOU FOUNDATION ( DFYF India) have been working in India for 9 years, focusing on alleviating the healthcare of masses and doing social work for the welfare of the society. Your support will go a long way in helping us in our efforts

DOCTORS FOR YOU FOUNDATION  is an international, non-profit health organization Registered under Ministry of  Corporate affairs Govt of India, NGO DARPAN under Niti AYOG Govt of India, UDYAM under MSME Government of  India and Startup India.  For 9 years and in over 10 countries, DFYF India  works with health experts, governments and community leaders to provide high-quality health care for their people. DFYF India develops strategies to help Govt.  care for themselves by training competent health care workers, strengthening health systems and improving the delivery of care. We at DFYF India designs innovative, effective and low-cost health care solutions to ensure a level of care For the Underprivileged People. These practical, evidence-based interventions are breaking down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.



Doing What’s Needed

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DR Randeep Gularia For DFYF Event.jpeg

Dr Randeep Guleri, Director AIIMS

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Tackling the Issue

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Dr Wadhwa for DFYF Event.jpeg

Dr BB Wadhwa, President DMA

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Making a Difference


Dr NN Mathur, Director LHMC 

Dr Rajeev Sood for DFYF Event.jpeg

Education & Outreach


Community  Development


Support Services

DR AK Rana for DFYF Event.jpeg
Dr Arun Gupta for DFYF Event.jpeg

Dr Rajeev Sood, Founder Dean RMLH

Dr Rana AK Singh, Director RMLH

Dr Arun Gupta , President DMC

Dr AK JAin GTB for DFYF Event.jpeg
Dr Harsh Vardhan with Team DFYF.jpeg
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